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Beyond the Wake makes Custom Wakeboard Tower Speaker covers to protect your tower speakers while towing. Beyond the Wake Tower Speaker Covers are also designed to keep the rain and bugs away from your speakers and will also protect against the harsh ultra-violet rays from exposed sunlight.

Our covers are durable and made of a water repellent and quick drying breathable fabric. You will notice how water will bead up and roll off the material. A uniquely designed drain hole allows for any gathered water to escape. You are sure to find the right fitted covers for your tower speakers from our list of available brands below and many colors to choose from. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please note: Although they repel water, Beyond the Wake makes no claim that covers are waterproof. It is not recommended that you rely on them for protection during extended periods of rain.

Speaker covers are sold in pairs except where noted for the larger speaker systems.

Beyond The Wake Color Choices

Aerial 4 Speaker Lightbar Combo

Aerial 6.5" Blunt Lightbar Combo

Aerial 6.5" Bullet Lightbar Combo

Aerial 6x9

Aerial 7.7 Single Blunt

Aerial Blunt Dual Twin 6.5"

Aerial Blunt Single 6.5"

Aerial Bullet Dual Twin 6.5"

Aerial Bullet Single 6.5"

Aerial Fiberglass 7.7 M770

Aerial Fiberglass JL MX 650

Aerial FreeRide Dual

Aerial FreeRide Single

Aerial Twin Fiberglass JL MX650's

Airboom Billet 6.5"

Airo Sound

Audio Formz 6.5"

Audio Formz 8"

Audio Formz WB 6x9

Audio Launcher 8"

Bazooka 6.5" Compression Horn Tubbies

Bazooka 6.5" Double Ended Tubbies

Bazooka 6.5" Tubbies

Bazooka 8" Compression Horn Tubbies

Bazooka 8" Double Ended Tubbies

Bazooka 8" Lighted Tubbies

Bazooka 8" Tubbies

Bazooka G2 Party Bar BPB24-DS-G2 or BPB24-G2

Bazooka G2 Party Bar BPB36-DS-G2 or BPB36-G2

Bazooka MT-8252BS or MT-8252WS

Bazooka MT6502BS or MT6502WS 6.5" Tubbies

Bazooka MT8002BS or MT8002WS 8" Tubbies

Bazooka MT8100B or MT8100W 8" Tubbies

Bazooka MT81LKB or MT81LKW 8" Tubbies

Big Air Bullet

Big Air Dual Bullet

Big Air Speaker Light Combo

BOSS Audio 1400 Watt 6.5"

BOSS Audio 6.5"



Boss B-50

Boss B-530

Boss B-530 Lightbar Combo

Boss B-60

Boss B-60 3 Light Combo

Boss B-653

Boss B-69

Boss B-70

BOSS Chaos Double Up

Boss MC420B Motorcycle / ATV Bluetooth

Boss MC600B Motorcycle / ATV Bluetooth



Boss Rocker

Boston Acoustics Outdoor Speakers VOYA4W

Bullet 160

Bullet 180

Bullet 261 Combo

Bullet 6.5"

Bullet 650

Bullet 770

Bullet NEO 2

Bullet NEO Billet

Cadence 6x9 SW69W or SW69B

Cadence 8" SWB8B or SWB8W

Cadence FWB65B or FWB65W 6.5"

Cadence FWB8W or FWB8B 8"

Cadence SWB65W or SWB65B

Clarion CM7123T

CMC Typhoon 6x9

DB Drive APT6.0PROv2-B or APT6.0PROv2-W

DB Drive APT8.0PROv2-B or APT8.0PROv2-W

DBG Concepts Double

DBG Concepts Single

DBOT5 Jet Pack 6.5"

DBOT5 Jet Pack 8"

DBOT5 Jet Pack Combo

DD Audio MC-8

DIY Wake 6x9

DIY Wake 8"

DIY Wake Dual Speaker 3 Light Combo

DIY Wake illusion X 6.5"

DIY Wake Quad Speaker & Light Combo

DIY Wake V-2 6.5"

DNA Wake 6.5"

Evid 6.2

Evolution Wake

Exile SXT65

Exile SXT9Q

Exile XM7

Exile XM9

Fluid Concepts Rock Stars

Fluid Core 6.5"

Fluid Core Cobra Double 6.5

Fluid Core Cobra Single 6.5

Fluid Core Double Bullet High Pole

Fluid Core Raptor Double 6.5

Fluid Core Raptor Single 6.5

Fluid Core Viper 8" Doubles

Fluid Core Viper 8" Single

Full Metal Jacket

Fusion I Series 5.25" No Tweeters

Fusion I Series 5.25" With Tweeters

Fusion P Series Combo

Fusion Signature Series 3 6.5"

Fusion Signature Series 3 7.7"

Fusion Signature Series 3 8.8"

Fusion T Series 5.25" With Tweeters

Fusion T Series 6.5" With Tweeters

Fusion T Series Combo

H20 Innovations

H20 Pro 6.5"

HSE Pro Trident

Hydrowake Dual

Hydrowake Single 6.5"

Indy Liquid Pro

Infinity 6000M / 6100M



JL 8.8 M880

JL Audio 7.7

JL Audio 7.7 Mastercraft

Jl Audio 7.7 w/ Tweeters

JL Audio M770

JL Audio MX 6.5" Dual KMTED

JL Audio MX770

JL Audio PS650 VeX

JL Audio Twin MX650

JL Audio With Tweeter

Kicker 07' KMT6

Kicker 4x4 Lightbar Combo

Kicker 6.5 KM Enclosure

Kicker Dual 6.5 KM Enclosure


Kicker KMT60

Kicker KMT67

Kicker KMTC114

Kicker KMTC94

Kicker KMTED

Kicker KMTES

Klipsch 8"

Krypt 6.5"

Krypt 6.5" Dual

Krypt Audio FG1

Krypt Audio FG4

Lanzar 6.5 AQWB65B

Lanzar 6x9 AQWB69B

Lanzar AQWB8B 8"

Lightning Audio 6.5"

Lightning Audio 6.5" With Tweeter

Lightning Audio Arc 6.5"

Lightning Audio Duals

Liquid Acoustics Dual LAXP-D8

Liquid Audio 2015 UTV Razor

Liquid Audio 4x4 Light Bar Combo

Liquid Audio 6.5"

Liquid Audio 6.5" With Tweeters

Liquid Audio 7.7

Liquid Audio 7.7 With Tweeter

Liquid Audio Doubles

Liquid Audio Front and Back

Liquid Audio Shorty

Liquid Trends 4.69

Liquid Trends 6.65

Liquid Trends 6.69

Liquid Trends L7 Led

Liquid Trends Pods

Loud Liquid Adrenaline

Loud Liquid Broadcast

Loud Liquid L-69

Loud Liquid Outlaw

Loud Liquid Redline

Loud Liquid Whiplash

Lucky Devil 506 Series 1

Lucky Devil 506 Series 2

Lucky Devil 506 Series 3

Lucky Devil Bandito Series 1

Lucky Devil Bandito Series 2

Lucky Devil Jay Series 1

Lucky Devil Jay Series 2

Mako 4 Speaker Light Bar Combo

Mako MB Quart

Malibu illusion X

Marine Dual DMW807

MB Quart 6.5"

MB Quart 6.5" NT1-116

MB Quart 8" NT1-120L

MCM Audio 6.5"

MCM Audio 8"

Memphis 15-MM62T or 15-MM62TW

Memphis MXA62T

Memphis MXA82T

Menace 4 Piece Horn Alpha 1

Metcraft 6.5"

Metcraft 6.5" illusion X

Metcraft 6.5" With Tweeter

Monster Tower Double Barrel 6.5"

Monster Tower Single Barrel 6.5"

MTX 8" Compression Driver

MTX Audio 6.5"


MTX MUD65P Roll Bar


Nautique Correct Craft Polk Momo Dual

New Dimension ND-40

New Dimension ND-50 With Tweeter


NightVision 6

NVS Addiction

NVS Deviant

NVS Entity 10/10

NVS Modus

NVS Prodigy

NVS Tyrant


Outdoor Audio Systems ATV Deluxe Speaker Cover

Outdoor Audio Systems ATV Speaker Cover

Outdoor Audio Systems WR65B

Outkast Xtreme 1080 Blackies

Outkast Xtreme 38 Specials

Outkast Xtreme Double Barrel

Outkast Xtreme Double Bullets

Outkast Xtreme Double Phantoms

Outkast Xtreme Double Up

Outkast Xtreme Single Bullets

Power Acoustik MWT 65T or MWT 65W

Power Acoustik MWT 80T

Pro Flight Bullet

Pro Flight FireBall

ProFlight Six Shooter

Pyle Hydra 6.5"

Pyle Hydra 8"

Q Power QPTS65B or QPTS65W

Q Power QPTS8B or QPTS8W

Rauls Cans 6x9

Reborn 4 Speaker Light Bar Combo

Reborn 6.5" Bullet

Rockford Fosgate 6.5" Punch Mini

Rockford Fosgate 8" Punch

Rockford Fosgate M262-Wake 6.5"

Rockford Fosgate M282-Wake 8"

Rockford Fosgate M2WL-8

Rockford Fosgate PM282 8" Punch

Rockville DMAC65S, DMAC65B or DMAC65W

Rockville Dual DMAC65S, DMAC65B or DMAC65W

Rockville DWB80B or DWB80W

Rockville MAC65S, MAC65B or MAC65W

Rockville MAC69B or MAC69W 6x9

Rockville MAC80S, MAC80B or MAC80W

Rockville RV265BT ATV Speaker Cover

Rockville RWB65B or RWB65W

Rockville RWB80B or RWB80W

Rockville RWB90B or RWB90W

Roswell 4 Speaker Lightbar Combo

Roswell 6.5"

Roswell 7.0 Airborne

Roswell Aquatone 6.5 Pro

Roswell AVX Fixed

Roswell Nighthawk 4S

Roswell Nighthawk F65

Roswell Quad Spin Pro Combo

Roswell R6

Roswell Unison

Roswell Unison Pro

Roswell Unison Pro Dual

Roswell Vamp Spin

Samson Sports 720

Samson Sports Double 7's

Samson Sports S7HD

Samson Sports S9HD

Samson Sports SMT65Q

Samson Sports SX65

Seasick Drama

Seasick Midgets

Seasick Scalpel

Seasick Sidecar

Seasick Uno

Seven Twenty Six Audio - 726 Audio

SJS Design SSL 6.5"

SJS Design SSL Quattros

Skylon Deafcon I

Skylon Deafcon II

Skylon Deafcon III

Skylon Deafcon IV

Skylon Deafcon Phantom 66

Skylon Deafcon Phantom 69

Skylon Deafcon V

Skylon Element R201

Skylon Rubicon 100

Skylon Rubicon 125

Skylon Rubicon 150

Skylon Rubicon 175

Skylon Rubicon 250

Skylon Rubicon 325

Skylon Rubicon 350

Skylon Rubicon 450

Skylon Vector 8

Sound Around 6x9 AQWB69B or AQWB69W

Tantrum 6.5" With Tweeter

Tantrum Designs 2011 6.5" With Tweeter

Tantrum Designs 6.5"

Tantrum Designs 6.5" 2011 Series

Thirteenth Floor - 13th Floor

Thirteenth Floor - 13th Floor Apollo

Thirteenth Floor - 13th Floor Cobra

Thirteenth Floor - 13th Floor With Tweeter

Thunder Marine TM6502WB

Tidal Audio Octopus

Titan Alpha 1

Titan Alpha 1 illusion X

Titan Alpha 1 MB Quart

Titan Alpha II

Titan Alpha II Performance Series

Titan Alpha KBC

Tsunami 6.5"

Tsunami 6.5" Duals

Tsunami Six Pack

Tsunami TSM-65TWRS

Tube Acoustics 6.5"

Typhoon 6x9

Vulcan Wake Essentials Bullet

Wake Air 2120

Wake Air 2121

Wake Air 2122

Wake Air 2123

Wake Air 5120

Wake Audio Solutions 6.5"

Wake Designs 6.5"

Wake Designs Focal 3-Way

Wake Gear 6.5"

WakeWorks Bullet Single

WakeWorks Bullet Style Twin

WakeWorks Squareback Single

WakeWorks Squareback Twin

Wanted Wake Double Bangers

Westwinds B52

Westwinds DD Double D

Wet Sounds 3-Some

Wet Sounds 4x4 Light Bar Combo

Wet Sounds Double Up

Wet Sounds Icon 8 -8"

Wet Sounds MB-8

Wet Sounds Pro 485 (Pair)

Wet Sounds Pro 485 (Single)

Wet Sounds Pro 60,Pro 60X, Pro60MC, Pro 60G3, XST-650, XST-65, SWT-65 or SWT-650

Wet Sounds Pro 80 ,80X ,80MC or 80G3

Wet Sounds REV 3-Some

Wet Sounds REV10 Revolution

Wet Sounds REV410

Wet Sounds REV8 Revolution

Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Soundbar Cover

Wetbox 4- 6x9

Wetbox 6- 6.5"

Wetbox Algorithm



XTP 6.5"

XTP 6.5" Dual Front & Back

XTP 6x9

XTP K-Billet 6x9 -2007 Series

XTP K-Comp 6x9 -2007 Series



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